Student Portal for Open Book Examination (University of Delhi )


Step-by-Step Guide for using the DU Portal for Open-Book Examination (OBE)



The students appearing for the Mock Test are advised to note the following steps:

STEP 1: Login to OBE portal (if not able to login report to your college with your details)

STEP 2: Check your session and subject stream and download your paper accordingly.

STEP 3: You may remain logged in or logout.

STEP 4: Write down your answer on a plain or ruled paper (letter or A4 size). Write down
your roll no. on the top right of the paper. Please write down neatly with pen (blue
or black). Please write down page number at the bottom middle of the page, so that
you maintain the sequence of the pages and also the total count of pages.

STEP 5: Please scan all the pages one by one (DO NOT MAKE ONE FILE OF MULTIPLE PAGES
OR ALL ANSWERS) and upload each of the pages as a separate file. Each single scan
file should not exceed 5MB of the size (only PDF and JPG formats are allowed.) You
can upload multiple files for each question.

STEP 6: Please ensure all the files are uploaded and check the status. If your file is not
uploaded successfully, try again and upload, this may happen due to connection
break or sudden break of internet connectivity.

STEP 7: Once all the answer pages are uploaded, SUBMIT and close your examination.

STEP 8: Logout.


  • The Mock test is not exactly an OBE examination but only a type of test to ascertain clarifications to the students required for OBE examination to be conducted
  • This mock test is based on procedural steps related with OBE mode of examination as to be conducted remotely. The question papers given for mock test are only indicative and may not be taken a version based on real OBE
  • The facility of CSC is only meant for appearing examination as per date sheet notified by the
  • Mock test link shall be active on 27.07.2020 on the website of the University and will continue up to 29.07.2020. All students are advised to follow the procedure and visit the University website for any update related with the Mock
  • The schedule of the mock test is also available on the website of the University. Students can attempt during any session as per convenience to understand the procedure of OBE mode of examination to be conducted
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